2015 Jul, Randomizing the Typical Hotel Facade

2015 June, Shadow & Solar Simulation

2013 May,  Facade Camouflage & Flow-based articulation

2011 July, Flipflap

2010 Jan – May, Studio 2, Pelita Harapan University, Karawaci

2010, Parametric Pear River Delta

2010 Jan 16, Bring Your Own Pattern, workshop, HKSZ Biennale 2009, Hong Kong

2009 Aug 14 – 22 , AA Shanghai Summer School 2009

2009, Senayan Aquatic, Jakarta


Apart from the ‘end user’ client, ILATAAJ also provides services for other design & architecture
practices in developing non-standard concepts into realities.

The use of computer in the building industry is revolutionizing our current tools to design buildings. Tools like advanced 3D modelling softwares, new materials, and computer aided manufacturing. The power of the computer to compute opens new territories of design outcomes, which was previously unthinkable by the human mind.

ILA CDC applies new tools for the purpose of design, form finding, pattern creation, presentation, analysis, and Building Information Modeling.

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