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Pazia PI Pics 17 Feb 2011

February 23, 2011


Pazia Plaza Indonesia was opened to the public in December last year.  Below are some photos taken last week, part of a submission to Imelda Akmal Architectural Writer.  Photos by Evan Aria Putra.   Click here to go to  Pazia PI page

Pazia Sutos Drawings

February 16, 2011


Below are some highlights from our drawings.  The stackable seating, the flow suggestive lighting feature, and the integrated signage / entrance frame. The 3m spill-out area allowed by Building Management is optimally used by the cafe Pazia operates.  Stackable seats and movable cafe tables were designed for routine arrangements between operational and closing hours. Click […]

Pazia Plaza Indonesia

February 15, 2011


Pazia is a household name for IT products in Indonesia.  Pazia Experience is their line of specialised store which offers more than sales; it has customer service, a cafe, and a small area dedicated for children to play.  Plaza Indonesia was an ideal place for this purpose, as this shopping mall has well established itself […]

Pazia Sutos Opens

January 8, 2011


ILATAAJ recently completed another Pazia shop in Surabaya Town Square.  Below are photos taken by Evan Aria Putra on Christmas day evening.

Pazia Sutos

January 2, 2011


Pazia Sutos was opened to the public on December 2010. The shop is located in Surabaya Town Square, a youthful shopping mall in the heart of Surabaya. The entrance is marked by a reflective black frame, an integration of a gate and signage. The main display area is directly exposed to its floor slab above, […]

ILATAAJ Congratulates Pazia

December 13, 2010


Congratulations for the Grand Opening of Pazia.  Below are photos of pages in Kompas, a widely read Indonesian newspaper, fresh this morning.

Pazia@Fx Opens

September 8, 2010


Pazia@Fx opens today.   Photos below were taken yesterday evening. From the main page: “The design highlights its feature lit ceiling with triangular panellization.  Massive use of RGB LED is spread through out, creating a dialogue with the store’s facade front.  The store stands out from the busy main road street level.  A continuous visual […]

Pazia@Fx Test RGB LED

July 21, 2010


Pazia@Fx will host almost 800 metres length of RGB LED.  Pictures below of the first test on the diamond pattern ceiling. Click here to go to Pazia@Fx main page

Pazia@Fx RGB LED

April 6, 2010


Demo of Philips RGB LED with its Controller by Spectrum on last week’s site meeting.  An array of these lights will be installed in a 1:1 prototype with stainless steel frames and Barrisol.  Progress will be posted. Click here to go to Pazia@Fx main page

Pazia@Fx cafeTable & chair

March 29, 2010


Photos below were taken on our visit last week to Gitalaras workshop  to check on the cafe table and chairs.  Revisions will be adjusted and photo updates to follow, so watch this space. Click here to go to Pazia@Fx main page