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UPH Studio 2 Projects

May 16, 2010


After two digital workshops, students were given a task to do a project in Senayan.  Options for site were: Senayan shooting range, a dormitory block adjacent to Century Park Hotel, and Senayan softball area.  Students formed groups of 2-3 people. Click here to see Digital Workshop 1 Click here to see Digital Workshop 2

Poiesis 0107

April 12, 2010


Andrew will be one of the speakers in Poiesis 0107, a Discourse on IT based Architectural Design.  Organised and hosted by Unpar Architecture, the event will take place on the 14th of April 2010.

UPH digital workshop 02

March 17, 2010


Andrew reviewed this second workshop in UPH.  The material agenda  now is to explore the use of modular elements in a repetitive proliferation.  The main tool for physical output is still on the use of laser cutter.  Students were given the freedom to choose their own site, which can also be fictional.  Here are some photos […]

UPH digital workshop 01

February 13, 2010


The first workshop material agenda  is to explore the use of strips to create visual effects from a building structure or skin.  The main tool for physical output is laser cutter.  Students were asked to do a small structure within their campus in this workshop.  Here are some photos taken from the crit last week, […]

UPH Studio 2

February 12, 2010


This is a studio Andrew’s co-curating with David Hutama, Stanley Wangsadihardja, and Suwardana Winata at Pelita Harapan University.  The studio’s main agenda is entitled Visual Effects in Architecture.  Andrew also lectured to coincide with this studio on the 9th of March ’10 entitled VFX-M. Results from this studio will be displayed in Pacific Place, Jakarta.  Date to be […]

HKSZ Biennale – Bring Your Own Pattern

January 21, 2010


ILATAAJ was invited by one of the Biennale’s curator, principal of Eskyiu Eric Schuldenfrei, to participate in the event.  We participated to conduct a weekend workshop to explore the translation of 2d pattern into a 3d skin. Excerpts from the flyer: “ILATAAJ is interested in exploring and formulating tools to sample any existing two-dimensional patterns […]

monochrome architecture

October 20, 2009


Andrew was invited as a jury for monochrome architecture in Tarumanagara University, 14 July 2009.  The public expose was exhibiting works from final year students.  Other juries were Andra Matin and Zenin Adrian.  It was good to see familiar faces, including Agustinus Sutanto, Head of Department, and a good friend from the AA, Mohammad Nanda […]

tarumanagara talks

October 19, 2009


Andrew gave a lecture in Tarumanagara University, Jakarta, 09 September 2009.  Yanto Effendi of Modern Space also gave a lecture on the same day.  We were introduced by Doddy Yuono, the organiser, to Rudy Trisno who’s a Professor in Gakushudo Manga School.

Phase 2 : Design Proposal

September 4, 2009


Excerpts from the overall brief by Tom Verebes: Participants will be asked to form teams of 4 participants in each group, with a broad international mix of participants in each team, thereby amplifying the collaborative nature of the summer school.  Students will select one of three design units which will lead design teams to pursue […]

Phase 1: Computational Design Studio – Automated Paneling

September 4, 2009


  The flexibility and precision of working with NURBS surfaces has accelerated geometric exploration in the architecture industry. Beyond the mathematical representation, construction in physical reality will require a process to relate back to materials available for construction. With the existing resources, most of these processes will involve rationalizing the model into segments.