Qbig BSD

Posted on 9 January 2020


Qbig is an outlet retail park. It has a series of big box retailers surrounding a public park. The location is in Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD), a six thousand hectares satellite city developed by Sinarmas Land, one the largest property developer in South East Asia. To get to Qbig from Jakarta will approximately take an hour drive.

The project develops a seventeen hectares of land. An arrangement of 5 building blocks around the periphery of the site creates a well secluded park inside. The project has a combined building area of seventy thousand square meters. Some of the tenants occupying the buildings are a hypermarket, a building materials retailer, a household hardware chain, a furniture retailer, and an indoor trampoline playground. Each building is well equipped with F&B and washrooms facilities.

Most of the building blocks are one storey height. They adopt the topology of wide span column free structure, similar to warehouses, factories, and hangars. The building envelope is a combination of corrugated sheets, composite panels, and glass. The bottom part of the facade has full height glazing as shop fronts. The longest block is elevated, allowing the ground level to serve as semi-outdoor parking.

The blocks are all connected, surrounding the park, by a continuous strip of red canopy. This red structure provides a shaded promenade, establishing a smooth transition between the park exteriority and the air conditioned buildings. The shape of this canopy is a free-form geometrical loop around the park, also serving as vehicular drop-offs, and providing entry experiences from various points.

Developing the roof of this strip was one of the challenges we took seriously with computational design and physical study models. The slopes angles had to meet standard requirement to take on tropical rain flow. The sharp footprint shape of this strip was dictating that all roof surfaces had to be planar. Roof edges had to be well planned to meet other roof edges and building curtain walls. Some of the roof edges also define the overall elevation and the entrance silhouette. ETFE cushions were applied on some spots of this strip to serve bright and comfortable alfresco areas underneath.

The park functions as a gathering center, made interesting by its public spaces, artistic expression and cultural events. An exemplary series of interconnected public spaces unifies the various uses to accommodate diverse leisure and community activities within the setting of the park. Comfort in the park is a key factor, elements in the park include a koi pond, leafy trees, and street furnitures.

Qbig is the first of its kind built in Indonesia. It is proving hugely popular with families and youths as the park places great importance on leisure and creativity. We hope that Qbig can lead as an example in providing generous open public spaces in retail developments. Qbig was nominated in Colorbond Award 2018, for its high standard and excellence in innovative steel material application.


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