The Shape Of It article in Perspective Magazine

Posted on 1 November 2016


Andrew was one of four designers interviewed by Sophie Cullen for Designer Q&A in Perspective Magazine November 2016.

Here is the complete text:

What’s your favourite curved or angular product design throughout history and why? (wheel, bookends, Samsung Edge etc)

It would have to be the Ross Lovegrove-designed Ty Nant water bottle. Apart from its aesthetic qualities and it’s expression of liquid fluidity, Ross once explained to me how the shape is driven by the way the hand holds the bottle. The bottle is comfortable to hold and the curves provide a good grip.

Tell us about a curved or angled building that you admire

I find that glass panels, when curved vertically, provides perfect visual clarity. It minimises glare and reflections. I think they make perfect shop fronts.

I have been amazed by photos taken from inside the pod of British Airways i360. The pod is enveloped with curved glass panels all around. I worked on this project, and I look forward to take a ride and have a drink immersed under the Brighton sky at 176 metres above ground.


Do you admire any artists who embrace curves and angles?

Anish Kapoor. My first encounterance with contemporary art had to be witnessing Marsyas in the turbine hall. The piece was photogenic from every angle. It’s presence gave the hall an entirely new scale

In the movie of your life, would you include a scene of you driving down a windy mountain road or a straight desert highway?

I think my most memorable rides would be the highways. I suppose the endless monotonous flat landscape leaves that image imprinted in one’s mind easily. Although I would still have to include that scenic mountain ride from Seattle to Vancouver.

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