AJC Residence

Posted on 10 March 2015


A concept design ILA produced back in 2011, a house in Jalan Hadiah, Kavling Polri, West of Jakarta

The client travels a lot and is well exposed to references on tropical resorts. The wish was to have the house breezy with natural ventilation and bringing in wind currents through the house.


Circulation is positioned in the middle dividing the house in two wings. This circulation area is articulated as a semi-outdoor space, providing natural light and ventilation accessible to all rooms in the house. Adjacent to the grand stair is a void through all levels, with an inner courtyard at the bottom, and a glazed roof on top.


Although we were appointed only up to conceptual design stage, the realised building does provide that comfort breeze we were aiming for.


-Andrew Tirta
-Yusuf Muda Utama
-Bakti Kawibawan
-Donny Prijatna
-Miftah Arief
-Evan Aria Putra