Pazia Bar & Resto, Beachwalk Bali

Posted on 26 December 2014


This project was recently shared in by Rebecca Vickers, click here for a pop up window.  The following is an excerpt from the post.

Your recent project, Pazia Bar &Resto in Bali, Indonesia is set within the hustle and bustle of the busy Kuta Beach. Could you please introduce the project? In what ways did the setting come into play within the design concept?

The project is housed at ground level of the beachfront shopping mall, Beachwalk. The venue has alfresco seating at its front with a bar immediately adjacent to it. With the client being one of the nationwide established brands in IT equipment, a small counter dedicated for gadgets is positioned in one corner. Kitchen and storage are both positioned at the back.

The main idea is to orientate this place towards the busy beach, which in coincident is in line with the existing structural beams. Both the floor and ceiling are arranged to highlight this direction. The main flooring is made of terracotta tiles and polished concrete, while the ceiling is exposed to black painted slab and service ducts. To express such linearity, silvery textured ceramic tiles are applied on the floor, in line with timber-clad structural beams above.

The project draws upon some creative forms of lighting (illuminated table tops, and bulbs that coincide with the floor beams). Could you please describe your use of light within the design, is lighting something that ILATAAJ often draws heavily upon in your practice?

Yes, it is an essential complement to the tactile elements, not merely for illumination.

There are some linear C profiles extrusions and signage letterings, both are made of corten (weathering) steel. They serve graphical purposes, and are illuminated with warm toned LED strips. Custom vertical lighting features are hung in fixed positions suggesting default locations of the tables. Halogen LED lights are installed at the bottom, illuminating the tabletops. In the middle are exposed T5 LED thin tubular lights, with supports positioned to have the bulbs only visible in the same direction as the floor strips and the beams.

What were the main challenges that you faced in the design and how were they overcome?

We designed all the loose furniture, and the pieces came in different variations. There were a number of cycles we went through between ergonomic studies, detailed models, and mock-up evaluations. They also had to be durable, positioned on the close-to-seafront alfresco. Treated teak wood, the kind used for wooden pallets, was the material of choice applied for the furniture.


Pazia Beachwalk Photos by Krishna Adithya


Pazia Bar & Resto

Beachwalk, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Client: PT. Pazia Food & Beverage
Designer: ILATAAJ
Contractor: PT. Senindo Prima

Andrew Tirta
Bakti Kawibawan
Tirta Ria Sari
Aditya Tannika
Johan Ariff Zolhaidi
Irene Syona
Wahyu Aries Hidayat
Jonathan Sutanto
Ricky Gouw

Professional Photographs:
Krishna Adithya