Pazia Experience Central Park

Posted on 5 April 2014


Pazia Experience is a chain of IT lifestyle shops. This post is on the one located in Central Park, a popular mall which boasts a large outdoor park open to public in the heart of Jakarta. This is our 5th commissioned Pazia Experience. Unlike our previous schemes, this project is housed inside the cinema Blitz Megaplex. Hence our client is a tenant of a tenant, i.e. we had to get approvals and coordinate with both Blitz Megaplex and Central Park Building Management.

Main Entrance

The cinema was designed by Bias Tekno Art Kreasindo, and Blitz was keen for the shop design to fit well into their premises. Our surrounding is a lightly dimmed venue with strips of blue lighting and a dominant dark tone epoxy flooring; the cinema has a futuristic club-like ambiance. Our given site is a 7 meters high space, about the same as the cinema’s celing height, covering an area of 335 m2 and is isolated with gypsum panels and blue LED strips. It also sits ideally between two of the cinema entrances with one corner adjacent to the cinema concessions (ticket counters).


We treated the site like a solid 7 meters high block, and our proposal as a volumetric carving of that solid. We kept the existing shopfront intact with its blue LED strip, and further introduced the same type of light framing all arond our openings. The first carving we introduced is a 7 meters high gallery, connecting the two entrances. This gallery will potentially generate traffic, hence this is where we emphasize on Pazia product displays.

From Concession

The corner close to concessions was strategically allocated as the lounge. We intended this area as an invitation for moviegoers to sit comfortably enjoying the cafe after purchasing their tickets and waiting for their films to start. The ceiling here is slanted in an angle bridging the common shopfront height to the gallery’s height, it creates a visual vista from the concession to the gallery. This area is expressed distinctly with the use of circular pack pattern on both the floor and ceiling. Some of the floor pattern is composed of black and grey carpets, tones that resemble the existing floor colour.

Gallery & Cafe

It was important to have the shop brightly lit for Pazia product display, so the other challenge was how to blend in well into the existing cinema’s ambiance. The shop’s is dominantly illuminated with warm lights and a huge area covered in light yellow tone. Appearing in contrast from the cinema, we hope the shop is experienced like a gem complementing its surrounding.




Set of Photos by Mono


The Futuristic Gem, featured in Indesign Indonesia Vol. 8


Project Year:

Project Area:
335 sqm

Client: PT. Pazia Pillar Mercycom
Yuliasiane Sulistiawati
Kurniawan Susanto
Michael Kunaefi

Building Management:
Agustina Triwidiastuti of Central Park

Blitz Megaplex Team:
David Hilman
Itha Hanisah Anwar
Adrianus Moses
Junianto Darmawan

Contractor: PT. Senindo Prima
Iwan Jahja
Budhi Aryanto
Otong Aryantho
Aditya Rakhmatullah

Floor Supplier:
Gerflor from PT. Sahabat Indonesia

Lighting Supplier:

Sjapril Janizar & Yunan Halim
with approval by Njoman Widiada of Gistama

Designer: PT. ILATAAJ Indonesia
Andrew Tirta
Dzikri Iswantara
Yusuf Muda Utama
Bakti Kawibawan
Andry Halim
Tirta Ria Sari

Tedi Tioanda of Mono

Andry Halim of ILATAAJ