Pazia Summarecon Mall Serpong

Posted on 10 December 2011


This is a brand new Pazia Experience shop inside the recently completed extension of  Summarecon Mall Serpong.  In this project we further explored the diamond geometry already apparent in previous Pazia projects.  The exercise resulted in a continuous floor-to-wall pattern, which creates a visual illusion of stacked 3d boxes.  Monochrome greyscale colours were used to differentiate these boxes from one another.   The kids area are highlighted in the same pattern with colourful tones.

The presence of three dominant existing structural columns prompted us to clearly define the zones within the premise.  These zones are then articulated with a series of feature ceilings slanting out facing the entrance to greet visitors.  The ceiling will eventually be used for promotional media or posters.  An array of T5 LED on the other side, covered with stretch fabric, illuminates this feature ceiling and the long entrance experience as visitors enter the shop.


Photos by Fernando Gomulya

Article on Pazia Summarecon Mall Serpong on the magazine Skala+

Opening day of Pazia SMS

Summarecon Mall Serpong, Indonesia

Project Year:

Project Area:
397 sqm

PT. Pazia Pillar Mercycom

Client Team:
Yuliasiane Sulistiyawati, Kurniawan Susanto, Michael Kunaefi

PT. Senindo Prima

Contractor Team:
Iwan Jahya, Otong Aryantho, Budhi Aryanto

LED Supplier:

PT. Sahabat Indonesia

Andrew Tirta, Bakti Kawibawan, Andry Halim, Tirta Ria Sari, Alexander Gozalie, Alpraditia Malik