Posted on 16 November 2011


ILATAAJ was invited to participate in an exhibition entitled “Rumah-rumah Tanpa Pintu”, which can be translated as Houses Without Doors.

With increasing complexities in urban conditions, ILATAAJ would like to avoid the disregard to security context in the city’s living place. A door is the most common building element to fulfil this necessity with its mechanism and lock system. It is this mechanism that triggered the project’s basic idea.

ILATAAJ developed a mechanism system from an organisation of flat panels. This system was designed as a flexible alternative for the facade and internal partitioning; an integrated vertical element that redefines the categorisation of walls, windows, and doors. The design of this mechanism adopted the scissor structure, which is commonly utilized as folding doors in Indonesia. The structure was improved as transformable vertical planes,
expandable and collapsible.

The product was designed based on kit-of-parts, where the assembly can be disassembled to individual elements and refitted based on the users subjective desires into different arrangements.  With this customisable feature, there are potential aspects to be set up as variables; e.g.: panel sizes, number of segments, segments sequences, etc. These figures can be arranged equally, incremental growth, or random; resulting in various visual effects and wall penetration possibilities.

As suggested by the Curator, ILATAAJ applied this system to an ongoing project, a house in West Jakarta. With its transformable feature, the Flipflap system provides flexibility for cross programatic spaces to happen in the house daily activity. Initially designed as a 4-storey house for a family with 4 children in Jakarta, the flexibility allows a reduction of two storeys down.

The implementation above resulted in an appearance of a house full of doors; a house without doors looking as a house with many doors. The redefinition between walls, windows, and doors blurs their visual distinction, similar to the camouflage strategy. The transformable motion of the panels defines an apparent character of the house daily routine, flip-flap, hence the title of ILATAAJ scheme for the exhibition “Rumah-rumah Tanpa Pintu”.

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Flipflap © ILATAAJ 2011
Project team: Andrew Tirta & Donny Prijatna

Flipflap Exhibition in Dia.lo.gue IT equipments & supports were kindly provided by Pazia

Flipflap Exhibition in Dia.lo.gue  logistics, prototyping & exhibition setups were fully supported by Indoprima