Pazia Plaza Indonesia

Posted on 15 February 2011


Pazia is a household name for IT products in Indonesia.  Pazia Experience is their line of specialised store which offers more than sales; it has customer service, a cafe, and a small area dedicated for children to play.  Plaza Indonesia was an ideal place for this purpose, as this shopping mall has well established itself as the place to go for luxury goods in the heart of Central Jakarta.


Although its size reaching almost six hundred metres square, the site has a fairly narrow entrance.  ILATAAJ looked into a linear pattern repetition to divert the visitors flow of the shopping mall into the depths of this store. The application of this pattern clearly marks the shop’s IT products display area.  It is applied continuously from floor, wall, and ceiling.  This pattern was made by alternating between strips of timber, vinyl, and stainless steel.  The children’s area is expressed as stacks of yellow boxes, arranged in various levels, encouraging for kids to play and interact.


An interactive surface by PQ Labs is installed close to the entrance.  One of the main challenges of the given site is a column sitting right in the middle of the entrance.  Our solution was a cladding of reflective stainless steel, arranged in a triangular panelisation of the cylindrical column.  Its visual effects camouflages the column’s presence and attracts mall passersby.


Photos of Pazia PI by Evan Aria Putra


Photos of Pazia Plaza Indonesia by Sam Nugroho

Location: Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

Project Year: 2010

Project Area: 585 sqm

Client: Pazia Pillar Mercycom

Interior Designer: ILATAAJ Indonesia

MEP Consultant: Top Engineering

Contractor: Inovasi Karya Dinamika

Glass Specialist: Surya Naga Glass

LED Supplier: Star Laser Infotama

Floor Supplier: Ratu Setalu Indah

Interactive Surface Specialist: Polaris

ILATAAJ Team:  Andrew Tirta Atmadjaja, Brahmantia Iskandar Muda, Yusuf Muda Utama, Bakti Kawibawan, Andry Halim, Evan Aria Putra, Rikko Dian Putrawan, Jimmy Ronald Panjaitan