PPRD at the Venice Biennale 2010

Posted on 3 October 2010


Excerpts from the exhibition panels by Tom Verebes:

SERIAL SYSTEMS: Remodeling Hong Kong Housing
This collaborative exhibition challenges the perpetuation of homogenous, repetitive, reductive, and profit-driven approaches to conventional, mass-produced Hong Kong housing. Mass-housing often reflects the constraints of contemporary modes of production, yet paradoxically, housing continues to serve as a laboratory for experimentation with emerging technologies, and their impact on the advancement and reformulation of existing production processes. Contemporary computational tools are increasingly triggering innovations to existing design, fabrication and assembly methodologies, which in turn, are leading towards the customisation of architectural spaces and systems. Confronting the crisis of repetitive models of housing, this project proposes an alternative, variable, multiple, and adaptable model with which to address twenty-first century living.


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