PPRD – Parametric Pear River Delta

Posted on 29 January 2010


Andrew is working with OCEAN.CN in a research to challenge the notion of generic urbanism for the city to be dynamic, multiplicitous, and adaptable.  The scope of work started with an exhibition platform to showcase 3d printer prototypes of numerous customised urban configuration.  The piece was created in a solid editing software with a pattern created with the prototypes set up as attractors.  The piece was then built in Xi An, China, shipped to Hong Kong for the Biennale in West Kowloon Cultural District.

PPRD HKSZ Exhibition Scape Renders

PPRD HKSZ Exhibition Scape Fabrication

PPRD HKSZ Exhibited

The work on PPRD was then continued for another exhibition at the Venice Biennale 2010.  The scope of our work was to study the possibility of multi-levels public podiums through a field of building masses.  This is to generate a series of differentiated connectivity diagrams.

PPRD at the Venice Biennale 2010

OCEAN CN: Gao Yan, Tom Verebes (Team Leaders); Felix Robbins, Andrew Tirta Atmadjaja, Ercument Gorgul, Li Bin

In Collaboration with: Crystal Design, Live Architecture Network LaN (Luis Fraguada)

Venice Biennale Sponsors/Suppliers: Shen Zhen JOM DIGI Icts (Shenzhen), holographic printing; Art Lab Ltd., Ricci Wong Cheuk Kin (Hong Kong), carpentry

HK-SZ Biennale Sponsors: Crystal Design (Hong Kong, London); E-Grow International Trading Shanghai Ltd. (Shanghai); Innovate Creative (Hong Kong)