HKSZ Biennale – Bring Your Own Pattern

Posted on 21 January 2010


ILATAAJ was invited by one of the Biennale’s curator, principal of Eskyiu Eric Schuldenfrei, to participate in the event.  We participated to conduct a weekend workshop to explore the translation of 2d pattern into a 3d skin.

Excerpts from the flyer:

“ILATAAJ is interested in exploring and formulating tools to sample any existing two-dimensional patterns to three dimensional objects.
Participants get to bring or choose an image they wish to use for the workshop. Images may vary from patterns found
in traditional designs, photographic captures of the city scape, or even personal portraits. Digital tools will be
provided and demonstrated for participants to ‘play’, customizing their images to three-dimensional models.”

Preliminary Explorations

Image Sampler

From the workshop