UI Student Housing

Posted on 17 November 2009


This is a proposal we submitted for a competition organised by  Universitas Indonesia, one of the most prominent National University in the country, located in Depok, south of Jakarta.

Towers were configured in a uniform orientation for all living units to have south and north faces, which is ideal in this region.  Circulation and utilities are placed on both ends to filter both solar radiation from the west side and  noise from the adjacent planned train station on the east side.

Corridors in the middle between residential units would have a series of voids and bridges.  This would create natural ventilation from ground to roof levels.  Communal semi-open areas are placed on every floor which would encourage this airflow.  This flow is further encouraged / used by a series of wind turbines at roof level.

Living units can also open ventilation shutters to take advantage from the windflow happening in the corridor.  An attempt to reduce the use of air conditioners, which is prevalent in this region.  Natural daylight will also penetrate through the corridors from roof level, ground level, and both ends of the corridor.

Every living units have a vertical garden on their balcony.  This garden is provided by climbing plants on a feature aluminium light structure.   The feature is configured based on honeycomb geometry, an analogy between honey and knowledge.

Towers are connected both at ground and roof level.  These connections are structural to anticipate lateral forces between the towers.  The towers sit on a series of structural footings, and this connection is separated with seismic isolators to anticipate earthquakes.

Parking spaces are accomodated in the semi-basement level.  Common facilities are allocated on ground level.  The roof garden houses sports facilities, a restaurant, jogging track, and a reading room.

Project Team: Andrew Tirta Atmadjaja, Brahmantia Iskandar Muda, Yusuf Muda Utama

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