HKSZ Biennale PPRD Exhibition Set

Posted on 16 November 2009


ILATAAJ has finished the design for the exhibition set to display a body of work entitled Parametric Pearl River Delta.  PPRD is a collaboration with OCEAN.CN, consisting Tom Verebes, Ercu Gorgul, Yan Gao, Felix Robbins, and Luis Fraguada.  The work will be shown to public this December for the Hong Kong Shenzhen Biennale 2009.



The above is an initial attempt to have a surface scape with a flat face on one side and platforms to display 11 SLS models on the other.  Sharp edges were avoided as the material we intend to use is Glass Reinforced Plastic, provided by egrow



The design then developed with no undercuts, as the manufacturing process will involve a CNC machine to create the mould for the GRP surface.

Instead of individual lips, the models will sit on a series of terraced landscape.



Circular holes will be drilled to light up the 11 models.  Sizes range from 10mm to 30mm diametre, and they vary based on locations of the models.

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