Phase 2 : Design Proposal

Posted on 4 September 2009


Site Picture

Site Picture

Excerpts from the overall brief by Tom Verebes:

Participants will be asked to form teams of 4 participants in each group, with a broad international mix of participants in each team, thereby amplifying the collaborative nature of the summer school.  Students will select one of three design units which will lead design teams to pursue a specific set of thematic concepts concerning parametric urban prototypes, and the production of a comprehensive schematic proposal for a site in the Pudong district of Shanghai.  Design proposals should address topics related to Shanghai’s typologies and models of growth and densification, as the prototypical outcomes of code-based methods introduced in the initial three-day exercises.  Three parallel units will each develop a brief dealing with a specific set of topics related to the overall themes of the summer school.

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The tutors and topics of the three units include:

Unit 1 Lydia Kim& Bittor Sanchez de Monasterio & Eric Schuldenfrei: The Interstitial

Unit 2 Yan Gao & Andrew Tirta: Superblend

Unit 3 Ercu Gorgul & Tom Verebes: Mass-Customised Megablock